Natural Gas & Oil Testing Throughout The Permian Basin

We ensure accurate and precise analytical results by following the latest GPA methods for handling, analysis, calibration, and calculation procedures
Natural Gas Analyses
  • GPA 2261 C6+, C9+
  • GPA 2286 C10+ (BTEX)
  • Oxygen/Nitrogen breakout for air detection
Emission Testing
  • GPA 2286 C10+ for gas samples
  • GPA 2103 C10+ for oil samples
  • Flash Gas Liberation on pressurized oil and water samples
  • GPA 2377 H2S stain tubes
Field Sampling
  • GPA 2166 & API 14.1 for gas samples
  • GPA 2174 for liquid samples
  • GPA 2377 for H2S stain tubes
NGL / Condensate Analysis
  • GPA 2177 C6+
  • GPA 2186 C13+ (BTEX)
Oil Analyses
  • GPA 2103 C10+ (BTEX)
  • ASTM D6377 RVPE
  • ASTM D5004 API
  • Molecular Weight calculation

Natty Gas Lab

About Us

Natty Gas Lab conducts natural gas composition analysis using gas chromatography. We are committed to providing analytical results that are both accurate and precise by following the handling, analysis, calibration and calculation procedures laid out in the latest GPA standards. Quality control procedures are in place to ensure the analytical results remain within the highest accuracy possible.

Providing Timely and Accurate Results.


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