Our quality control procedures are put in place to minimize errors and ensure the data generated is of known accuracy and within a set degree of probability. We keep detailed records to maintain accountability to our customers and to compare results for deviation from their results history.

We use certified reference standards to calibrate our GCs. We adhere to GPA 2198 for selection, preparation, validation, care and storage of our reference standards.

Controlling the variation in an instrument is critical in obtaining accurate results. Our gas chromatographs are calibrated weekly using reference standards with similar compositions to the gas being analyzed. Linearity of the machine is evaluated once a month or when there is a change made to the machine.

Mathematical calculations are employed to show that our analytical results have minimum variation and the equipment is working properly. We evaluate our data trend using control charts by calculating an average and standard deviation of previous data points.

We conduct periodic blind sample tests using a known substance and treating it as an unknown. We also conduct periodic performance evaluation by submitting samples to another lab and comparing analysis results with our own analysis.

Substantiation of our procedures and analytical data comes from documentation. We keep records of all instrumentation calibration and maintenance, all reference standard data, all procedures and methods and a history of our customer’s data.

Accurate Analysis